Health Philosophy & Beliefs


Optimal health is achieved through the full development of the mind, the body and the spirit. There is irrefutable evidence that many diseases can be prevented through an intimate communion with the Creator and an integration of natural health principles into one’s  life. These principles are discussed in general in the section titled “Health Principles”. Future postings will go into more detail. If disease should occur, traditional medical and integrative medicine physicians should be consulted to seek a cure. The end goal is to lead an active and productive lifestyle into our 80’s and 90’s and past 100 years of age with the purpose of serving God and glorifying him through service to mankind.


I’ve already shared my beliefs that through knowledge creative solutions are birthed and that where there is a problem there is a solution. While I have many other beliefs, I want to share the greatest of my beliefs. I am not asking you to share this belief but to only listen. For this is my personal story and cannot be refuted.

As it was my custom, in the early hours of December 13, 2008, I sat in the same blue easy chair as I had done at the same time for years. It was my favorite time of the day, my time with God. This might be difficult for those who have never experienced “Contemplative Prayer” but God actually speaks to us. In fact, God is speaking to us all the time. Prayer is a conversation with our Holy Father. And like our conversations with others, the dialogue with God runs both ways. He talks and we listen. The we talk and He listens. There is much more that I would like to share about this. But for now, if interested, you can learn more at this link.

It was during this special time with Him, that He told me to pray for a “healing”. You see, I “knew” that God was going to restore my health but I had failed to “ask”. So on that day, I repented of not asking and prayed for His healing. God is so good to remind of what we are supposed to do.

On December 15th while in prayer, He said this, “I will restore your health. You will see this as a sign. Go forth and do good for all mankind.” Not words that I use. But they are words that He does. He is all about doing “good to all mankind”. On that same day I had such a resurgence of energy that I didn’t go to bed until 2 AM. I hadn’t felt that good in years. And I was afraid to fall asleep in case I might not awaken feeling as energized. Two weeks later, while drinking my morning coffee, I noticed that it didn’t hurt to pick up the cup. It was then that I realized that all he pain had left all of my joints except some tolerable amount in the thumb joints. And eventually, my memory was restored. God is good all the time!

This is the back story. Sometimes God heals us in the most extra miraculous ways. I know. This has happened to me. But in some cases, God uses people for his purposes. Don’t ask me why, ask Him! In the near miraculous case above, a very good friend who I had not spoken to in 30 years contacted me through Facebook. Both of us were 63 at the time and had been pushed into the world of social media through the urging of family members…that “same” week.

This reunion was more than a coincidence. After asking me about my health, he told me that his company made a remarkable product that might help me and sent me one week’s worth. While I was grateful for Carl’s kindness, I had thought his gesture was a little ridiculous. After all I was taking 122 supplements a day and had tried better than 30 “formulas” guaranteed to restore energy, relieve pain and/or restore mental cognition. And after taking these “miracle cures” for 60 to 90 days, I had found that none of them did a thing for me. If Carl hadn’t promised to call me a week later to learn of my results, I would have thrown his product in the trash.

But I didn’t. And it was his supplement called a “Glutathione Accelerator” that caused a resurgence of energy late on the 15th. The day I started taking it was on December 13th, the day God told me to pray for the restoration of my health.  The 15th was the same morning that God had told me, “I will restore your health. You will see this as a sign. Go forth and do good for all mankind.” On that day God started the process of restoring my health. And now I’m doing what He told me to do in sharing what he has done for me.

Believe me when I tell you that I couldn’t even pronounce Glutathione (GSH). Later, I found out about this miracle tripeptide. It’s in every cell of our bodies but diminishes over time especially when fighting disease. It is mentioned over 109,000 times in the NIH supported It’s major functions serve as an antioxidant, an antitoxin and as an anti-inflammatory. Later, to my joy, I found that the Medical Doctor who formulated it gave credit to God for “standing over my shoulder guiding me in the formulation.” One other thing. No one has been able to produce a GSH Accelerator that comes close to the effectiveness of this product. I will write more about GSH later. But if you want information now, you can go to and read about it.

Although I diligently poured through hundreds of medical studies and invested thousands of hours learning about the body at the cellular level, I must confess that I never discovered any products on my own that helped me. However, I do believe that God sent people to me who “delivered” a handful of high quality products that contributed to the restoration of my health. But the hours of study were not in vain as it helped me to understand why they worked. And it led me to the study of people who lived long and almost disease free.

As I write future posts, I will share many more “deliveries”, their benefits and how they work. And more importantly I will share how they might help you to live long and thrive!

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