Health Principles

These are the basic health principles that will guide future postings:

  1. God’s Principle for Health: Like the attainment of joy, happiness, and eternal life God has provided us with a blueprint for health in the Holy Scriptures. The guidance to drink whole foods, pure water, rest, trust Him, be still, live in peace, exercise, right thinking are all found in the Scriptures.
  2. Natural Methods: A natural approach to health integrates pure mineral water,  nutritionally rich food, proper diet, moderate exercise, healthy lifestyle choices, appropriate rest, right thinking, elimination of toxins and the effective management of stress into a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Prevention of Disease: Many diseases can be prevented or at least mitigated through principles taught in the Bible, lessons learned from the longest living people, and medically accepted practices for longevity.
  4. Supplementation: Many times our fruits and vegetables do not contain adequate minerals and nutrients to sustain health. Some water purification methods either remove minerals from and/or introduce chemicals into our water supply. For these reasons and others, supplementation is necessary.
  5. Medical and Integrative Medicine Physicians: Align yourself with physicians who are in agreement with your health philosophy. Then follow their counsel.
  6. Personal Responsibility: Accept that you are responsible for your own health. What you don’t know can harm and/or kill you.
  7. Discipline: Apply what you have learned by forming healthy habits.
  8. Share: Pass on what you have learned. In this way, you are sharing the goodness of God and bringing Him glory.

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