My Health Journey

I was in the fight of my life! None of my greatest business challenges matched the intensity of this one. My health continued in a downward spiral. At the worse in 2007, I couldn’t read a paper or watch TV. Words meant nothing to me! When I managed to get out of bed to retrieve something, I had forgot what it was. I had pain in almost every joint in my body. The pain was so excruciating that I couldn’t even shake hands. And my energy levels were so low that my physicians marveled that I could physically make my way to their offices. I had the symptoms of someone in their mid 80’s or 90’s. But I was just 61 and dying. I was in real trouble!

So much for the drama! For this to be meaningful to you, I need to take you back to 1976Paul Heitman (Passport Photo) when my health journey really began. That was the year my father died. His life had been cut short at 57 by cancer. My grandfather had already died of heart disease at 49, his mother at 61 of heart disease and her father at 44 of heart disease. And now 3 of 4 of my uncles had died by 60 and my aunts and mother had developed cancer. To say the least this got my full attention. As a result, I began an intensive search to find a way to extend my lifespan past my ancestors. I’ll discuss my research in more detail in the section titled “Expertise“.

Because of my father’s death and the premature death of so many of my ancestors, I approached my 57th birthday with some trepidation. Could I outlive my father? I did and took a sigh of relief when I passed 57. And as the next couple years passed by I felt more comfortable that the “Heitman Curse“, as some in our family referred to the untimely deaths, had passed me by. However by age 60, I was returning home from work so fatigued that I went to bed immediately only awakening to take an evening meal and then retire again. Looking back, this was the same routine that my father and grandfather fell into before their health completely failed and they died.

In October 20VSG06, though very fatigued, I started a High Tech company, Vanguard Solutions Group. In the first month of this new company I was at my desk reviewing a business contract. The words became so blurred that I couldn’t read them. At the same time, I felt very fatigued. I laid down on my office sofa and woke up three hours later. Something was very wrong! As the days drug on, I became more and more fatigued. I called on some of the leading physicians (14 in all) in Houston to find a solution. Not one of these highly educated and accomplished physicians had a clue. Finally, after months of searching, one came up with the answer; Celiac Disease, a rare genetic disease that essentially destroys the immune system. This was the “Heitman Curse”. But as with some diseases, little was known about it until thirty years ago. In fact, my father had been given the “classic misdiagnosis” for Celiac, Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

 The cure for Celiac Disease is simple. But the repair of the body is not. This single disease led to these health issues: Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Adrenal Fatigue, Epstein Barr, Lymphocytic Colitis, Candida, Leakey Gut, Rouleau, Acidosis, Celiac Disease, elevated HHV-6, Arthritis, memory loss to name the worse.

Since I was not able to obtain medical help to restore the damage done to my bodSecrets of Long Lifey, I had no other choice then to find my own solution. Consequently, this led me on the most fascinating and rewarding journey of my life.  Along the way, I accumulated not only the knowledge to heal myself but the knowledge of the “Immortals”; people who lived beyond 100 and remained active, mentally sharp until they finally passed on. I will share in a future posting the results and the reasons for their longevity in what has become known as the largest double blind study in history.

Remember, “knowledge is power”. And where there is a “problem, the persistent search for the truth will birth a solution”. As hinted in the “About the Author” section, I had a third belief. And that was that I would not die before God’s plan for my life was fulfilled. In the section titled “My Philosophy & Beliefs”, I will share why I sensed this and my fourth belief, the “greatest of all beliefs”.

This blog is dedicated to all the servants of God whose lives were cut short like my father at 57, my grandfather at 49, my great grandmother at 61 and my great, great grandfather at 44. They left not only young children but left this world before God’s plan was fully completed in their lives.

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