My knowledge in this field is not solely derived from scientific studies, medical journals, books or conversations with medical professionals and scientists. While I have studied disease prevention for nearly 30 years and methods to increase energy, decrease pain and improve cognitive function for the past seven years, my understanding of what works for me, my family and my friends springs primarily from self-experimentation and the anecdotal results of others. If methods and Nutraceuticals do not work for a large group of people, I don’t recommend them.

If you read the section,”My Health Journey”, you know that in 2006 I was a physical wreck suffering from twelve health conditions. This provoked a large amount of self-experimentation! I had to. I wasn’t getting medical solutions from my physicians. It’s just not medically known what to do with the significant amount of cellular damage that I had experienced. What is important for you to understand is that as the majority of the people in America age, they also suffer from the same kind of cellular damage. Consequently, as a nation our population acquires the so-called disease of aging sooner and die earlier than people in Japan, Okinawa and other Far Eastern countries.

I learned a lot hanging around doctors waiting rooms. You meet a lot of really sick people; especially waiting to see the physicians that I visited. Many of them suffered from the same symptoms as me. In my mind’s eye, I can still see some of those suffering people. They were a reflection of what I was going through. And it saddens me to this day to know that most have not recovered their health. This experience and the knowledge that my family’s illness ended in death only heightened my sense of urgency to heal myself. If I hadn’t taken action, I would have definitely lingered in poor health and probably died.

So, in 2007 I dove into researching my major symptoms; low energy, joint pain, muscle pain and memory loss. I read hundreds of studies on minerals, vitamins, herbs, diets, detoxifiers, etc.that demonstrated promise in relieving my health issues. My research led me to taking almost two hundred vitamins, minerals and herbs during my great experiment period. At one time, I was taking 122 supplements a day. I would never suggest that to anyone. But I was desperate! Today, I take only take five foundational supplements and two of the five are in my water. My health is restored at 68 and my body is in a state of homeostasis. And I take no pharmaceuticals.

This research and experimentation period was an illuminating experience. In summary, I learned that the body will function quite well and even heal itself with a regimen of a nutritious diet, mineral water, rest, exercise, stress relief and a handful of fundamental minerals and vitamins. The alarming issue that we are facing in this country is that because of commercial farming practices we are literally being killed by removing life giving nutrients from our topsoil and eliminating minerals from our water sources. I will share evidence of this in a future posting and one of my findings called “Why stuff works and consequently why it doesn’t”. (The stuff is supplementation.)

As shared above, I was not motivated by an academic curiosity but driven by a life or death dilemma. All of my ancestors had died from heart disease or cancer. And almost all of them had died in their 40’s and 50’s. And I had what they had. So, let’s just say that I was properly motivated to find a way to keep myself alive. And more importantly, as I matured I have sought to find a way to live long enough to complete the specific task that I sense God has given me. That task, by the way, is to do my part financially and through active participation to save the lives of nearly ten million children globally, between the ages of 1 and 5, that die needlessly from starvation and disease annually.

I hope that you appreciate why I am sharing this insight into my personal life. My hope is that it might be helpful to understand how someone like myself who does not have a medical degree could be trusted in providing you with information that will be valuable in not only extending your lifespan but in recommending ways that could keep you active and productive into your 90’s and potentially past 100 years of age.

As described in the section “About the Author”, I have been gifted with the desire to learn and with the willingness to spend hundreds of hours pursuing the focus of my interest until I’ve exhausted the subject. The following may be of interest to you as an example of my studies. Early on in my quest to prevent disease from invading my body, I studied the benefits of the Macrobiotic Diet. I had seen Dr. Anthony Sattilaro, M.D. in an interview. A few years previous to this interview, he had been given a six months “death sentence”. Cancer had riddled his body from the top of his head to his lower extremities. By the time of this interview, the six months had obviously passed and there sat a man in his fifties with jet black hair and rosie cheeks. He got my attention. He explained that through a chance encounter, he had learned about the Macrobiotic diet plan. He gave credit for his recovery to following this diet.

I will go into this particular diet in more detail in a future posting. But for now, this diet in its simplest explanation is to feed the body highly dense nutritional food while ridding it of undesired toxins. I not only read his book and others on the subject, I experimented by following the diet. I lost 18 pounds and felt great!

One of my studies 25 years ago dealt with the Hunza people of Northern Pakistan. These people lived into their 90’s and past 100 years of age with very little sign of the diseases of aging that we in the West fall prey. After a one hundred year study, a young Physicist from Houston, Texas unlocked the key to their longevity and excellent health. Again, I knew that I was going in the right direction. More recently, I have been studying the “oldest living” people, the Okinawans and their “secret” to living into their 90’s and past 100 years of age. Actually, it’s not a secret anymore. In what is considered the largest double blind study in the history of man, the causes of their remarkable health have been discovered.

I have also been blessed to meet and/or learn from amazing pioneers in natural preventative healthcare. Geniuses and innovators in this field like Dr. Robert Keller, MD, (Named as of one the “Top 2,000 Scientists of the 20th Century”), Dr. Peter Flanagan, PhD, (Named as one of the “Top 100 Most Important Young Americans” by Life Magazine), Fred Kaufman (Product developer & President of BioGenyx), Carlos Montesinos (Product developer of nutrients for the NASA Space Crew), Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD, (Neurologist and author of many books including “Natural Strategies for the Cancer Patient” and “Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life”), Dr. Don Colbert, MD (Author of “The Seven Pillars of Health”), and Dr. Al Sears, MD (Anti-aging Pioneer) to name a few.

I’ve come to realize that my experiences and knowledge have put me in a unique position to share what I’ve learned and help others who are either chronically ill or would like to avoid that pain. I am not a professionally licensed Naturopath. And by law I can’t tell you that anything I recommend will heal or cure you. However, I have helped many people with health issues to the point that many thought I should write a book or launch a blog sharing what has taken me 30 years to gather.

What I have found in my health journey is that I have benefited greatly from the people I knew and trusted. In fact, my research into the study of Centenarians was recommended. And the Nutraceuticals that have benefited me the most were endorsed by friends. I wish I could take credit and impress you. But my hope is that I can help you to live longer healthier. This information is my gift to you. In regards to products I might recommend. Some I don’t receive compensation for and some I do. Funding does help me to help you as I research proven ways to Live Long and Thrive and to fund my children’s project. I only recommend those which I have experienced and have seen results.

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