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How Can We Reverse A Lack of Energy As We Age?

What can you do if your energy is not what it used to be? An intelligent person will ask themselves a series of questions. Is it old age? Is it a health issue? Diet? Lack of exercise? Or is it … Continue reading

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Ideal Exercises for Extending Your Life 4.5 Years

Now that you are on board with a plan to extend your lifespan with 4.5 more virile years, what is the ideal exercise for you? The choices are endless and it’s really up to you as to what you prefer … Continue reading

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Identifying and Eliminating the Underlying Root Cause of Your Stress Part 4

I hope by now that you have come to understand that “fear” is the underlying root cause of most serious emotionally induced stress. The recent post on the devastating effects of stress illustrates how important it is to our health … Continue reading

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Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

Let’s hit the pause button for a minute and look at where we’ve been for the past two months and where we are going. Since January 2nd, we’ve covered some very important ground. You’ve learned that you were designed to … Continue reading

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How I Restored My Health by DefeatingTwelve Diseases!

Celiac Disease had left me bed-ridden with little energy, without mental focus and arthritis in what seemed like every joint. I was aging rapidly! And in fact acted and felt like someone in his 80’s rather than a 61 year … Continue reading

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Resolving Nutritional Deficiency Naturally (Part 5)

It’s not uncommon to see a 92-year old Okinawan woman climbing nimbly up a fruit tree to pick guavas or a 95-year old Okinawan man jogging briskly down the beach. Or you may see an elderly Okinawan riding a bicycle … Continue reading

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Resolving Nutritional Deficiency Naturally (Part 2)

Knowledge holds the potential for power. Applied knowledge is powerful. It can help you raise your family successfully, assist you in earning a great income, and work for you in investing wisely. Conversely, a lack of knowledge concerning the care … Continue reading

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