About the Author

???????????????????????????????Larry Heitman was born in 1945. He attended Texas A&M University, University of Texas Law School and St. Mary’s School of Economics. After serving in the military, he began a career with the Xerox Corporation. He quickly rose through the ranks of field leadership to become an executive with Xerox.

Larry earned the distinction as a business turnaround expert. He was thrust into failed organizations and turned each one into a successful, thriving operation. After retiring from Xerox, he continued this ability turning failed operations into successful operations in a completely different field, High Tech. His belief that with every problem there is a solution served him well in his work and personal life.

Larry also believes that knowledge is a powerful tool in the quest of problem solving. His accumulation of over 250 university class work and hundreds of hours of business related course work is a demonstration of that belief. And as a result of a genetic disease that claimed the lives of most of his ancestors in their 40’s and 50’s, he has investing thousands of hours in the study in the fields of longevity, the restoration of energy, elimination of joint and muscle pain, the restoration of cognitive function and “diseases of aging“.

These two beliefs in knowledge and persistence problem solving greatly assisted him in facing his greatest challenge; the literal fight for his life. It was during this period of Larry’s life that he relied heavily on a third belief. This belief is revealed in the section titled “My Health Journey”.

On a personal note, Larry resides in Houston, Texas with his gracious wife Jill. They have been married for 45 years. And they have eight children, six grandchildren and one great grandchild.


2 Responses to About the Author

  1. Stewart Cochran says:

    Hello Mr. Heitman, I am sending this as Dempsey Woodrow Cochran is my Uncle living in Peoria, Il. We were reminiscing over the phone recently and he mentioned your name as he had met you at A&M “many” years ago. He mentioned that he did not know how to get a hold of you.
    So I said I would try and have found you. Uncle Woody is now 86 years old and doing reasonable well. As you may know he was not married when you met him and is still a bachelor. He has been thinking a lot about his past and friends over the years as he has a lot of time to do so.
    I am writing you in response to his asking for your phone number, if you are willing he would truly enjoy talking to you. Woody’s number is (309) 676-3361.
    Stewart Cochran
    (903) 489-2022

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