12 Scientific Studies That Confirm the Amazing Benefits of Calorie Restriction

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Some of you may be from the “Show Me” state and need more convincing as to why you should change your diet. I don’t blame you. I needed convincing also! In this post, I will share just twelve of the many scientific studies that validate a healthier and longer life by following a calorie restricted (CR) diet.

Since 1935, there have been many studies linking calorie restriction to improved health and extended lifespan. Below are just twelve of the studies and the amazing life extending benefits that they these incredible scientists found:
f1.medium1) 2007 Harvard Medical School Study discovered two genes in mammalian cells that act as gatekeepers for cellular longevity. When cells experience certain kinds of stress, such as caloric restriction, these genes rev up and help protect cells from diseases of aging thus extending life.
2) 2009 University of Surrey Study revealed when a group of humans consumed a similar calorie restricted diet, their conventional blood markers of aging (excess glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL) plummeted to much lower levels.
3) 2009 European Atherosclerosis Society Study found that calorie restriction delays the development of age-related disease and increases lifespan.
4) 2004 Washington University School of Medicine Study, published by The National Academy of Sciences showed that long-term CR has a powerful protective effect against atherosclerosis.
nature05486-f1.25) 2006 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Study findings showed that in response to reduced food intake, fasting insulin levels plummeted. Reducing excess insulin is important because “insulin overload” increases the risk of heart disease, cancer, blindness, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and other age-related diseases.
6) Dr. D Albanes in coordination with the National Cancer Institute has found that caloric restriction significantly reduces tumor incidence for cancer of the breast, colon, rectum, prostate, endometrium, kidney, cervix, ovary, thyroid, and gallbladder.
7) 1994 Institute for Tumourbiologie-Krebsorschung Study shows that restriction of dietary calories reduces cancer formation in experimental animals and probably also in humans.
8) 1997 Breast Cancer Research Treatment Study showed that caloric restriction, or underfeeding, will inhibit the growth of tumors in mice and rats. And they found that CR enhances DNA repair.
9) Landes Bioscience Study published a finding in 2013 Cell Cycle showing that dietary modification such as caloric restriction (CR) has been shown to decrease tumor initiation and progression.
10) A 1986 study that appeared in Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology showed that mice fed high fat, low calorie diets exhibited 48% fewer chemically induced skin tumors and 61% fewer tumors induced by ultraviolet irradiation than did mice fed low fat, high calorie diets.
11) 2006 Washington University School of Medicine demonstrated that long-term CR reduced serum T(3) which may increase life span by conserving energy and reducing free-radical production.
Rhesis12) 2010 National Institutes of Health Study showed that a moderately restricted diet reduced the incidence of age-related disease by a factor of three in monkeys!
a. Cancers reduced by 50%
b. Cardiovascular disease reduced by 50%
c. Diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance none
d. Brain volume preserved in certain regions

You may have heard a study published in 2012 in Nature finding that CR does not lengthen lifespan. This is the only study that I could find that ran contrary to the plethora of pro CR studies. Additionally, Dr. George Roth, one of the authors of the “Nature” paper and one of the two founding members of this study said this, “Many of the others (media sources) seemed to substantially misinterpret the implications of our findings.” “The bottom line is that CR may indeed provide both health and longevity benefits…..and of course, most important…..more “healthy years.”

fruit bowlThe anti-aging effects of CR are still being investigated and more information will be forthcoming. As for me, I’m going with the “Traditional Okinawan Way” and the dozens of studies that support CR as a way to increase a healthy lifestyle and extend lifespan! And anytime you lose weight, don’t you stand a good chance of lowering your blood pressure, cholesterol level and risk of diabetes and other diseases of aging? And that’s not bad! Time Magazine: Eat Less, Live Longer? Next time, we’ll talk about ways to implement a CR diet.

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