5 Great Ways to Develop Strength

Hrithik Roshan“Now it’s time to grab life by the throat and not let go until you succeed”! (Quoting Sylvester Stallone) I love this man’s attitude! He is Rocky Balboa! He took a career that was going nowhere and became a huge success by doing what was necessary. And that is the challenge for you and me in regards to living long and thriving. We have to decide today that we are going to discipline ourselves to follow “The Six Pillars of the Traditional Okinawan Way” so that we may reap the benefits of a long, healthy, active life. In practical terms, this means that in your 90’s and beyond 100 years of age, you will be able to take long walks, jog if you like, hike into the mountains, dance with your sweetheart and participate in all the wondrous activities and adventures that life has to offer. Or you may want to take the 10 week transformation like Hrithik Roshan, age 40. (Pictured right) But this is only available to you if you pay the price of discipline. I challenge you to go for it! Grab hold of these longevity principles and don’t let go until you have succeeded. And when you look back at the end of your life, you will see that it was well worth it.

This post concludes the series on the 4th Pillar of the Traditional Okinawan Way; exercise. Today, I will suggest five ways to build strength. Any good program will include not only strength training but a healthy diet rich in protein, supplementation as mentioned in Solving the Underlying Cause of Fatigue Naturally (Part 2), mineral dense water and rest. These will make a huge difference in not only building muscles but in reviving youthful vitality, virility and excitement for life!

There are plenty of exercise programs to choose from. I tried a lot and they all work…if I consistently worked them. Here are five I like:
total gym1. Total Gym: I like the idea of using my own body weight to exercise. Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley enthusiastically advertise the Total Gym. It uses the body’s weight as resistance to perform over 250 exercises ensuring that every muscle group has a chance to develop. And you can do it from the comfort of your home. If it keeps Chuck looking buff at 74, I’m for it. And gals, Christie looks pretty good at any age much less 60!
Sly Moves2. Sly Moves: When I was looking for a body building program that was self-paced, I turned to a man who developed an amazing physique; Sylvester Stallone. He not only provides an incredible and simple workout plan but tips for well-rounded meal plans, advice about carbs and setting goals.
3. Personal Trainer: A good idea, especially when starting to exercise, is to get a personal trainer. They’re professionals and save you a lot of time and also save you from doing exercises the wrong way. Set goals and your trainer will develop a plan with you.
tony horton4. P90 or P90X: www.BeachBody.com chartered top-flight trainer, Tony Horton, to develop a program that sculpts bodies in 90 days. Tony has led tens of thousands of students through a well-developed program where he promises to shock you with the results. And you will be shocked when you see the results people are achieving on their web site! P90 is an easier routine. P90X uses the principle of muscle confusion so that you never plateau. Beware, though, the P90X program is very strenuous. This program has become so popular that Independent Beachbody Coaches like Alisa Perkins Lofton in Frisco, Texas are joining Tony to help thousands live healthier.
5. My Personalized Plan: I’m gently working my way back into shape at almost 69. Since I’m a big fan of using body resistance, my regimen consists of push-ups (shoulders, triceps, abs, pecs), crunches (abs), planks (abs, thighs, obliques, glutes, hams, back) dips (triceps, deltoids, chest), chin ups (biceps, lats, upper back, posterior shoulder, forearms, abs) and walking/jogging (hams, quads, rear, abs, arms, shoulders,). I like the simplicity of a few basic exercises starting out.

elder-hiking-coupleThere is a lot of freedom in developing muscular strength due to the various available methods. My advice is to get help from a qualified trainer if you are starting out. Your age and health could of course limit your choices. Consult a physician before beginning. If you are already in you 80’s or beyond, you might consider starting with an exercise chair. The important point is that you must start no matter what age! Studies show that some health conditions can even be reversed with exercise, even if elderly. The benefits are worth the effort as pointed out in 25 Phenomenal Benefits from Developing Muscular Strength. So, grab hold of life and the “Six Pillars of the Traditional Okinawan Way” until you reach your goal of living long and thriving. You and living life to the fullest are worth it!

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