25 Phenomenal Benefits of Developing Muscular Strength

f3e64e808fd8abc216663ac0948e0d8eHow would you like to increase your energy levels, improve your health, prevent disease, develop physical strength, and slow the aging process by doing one thing? Those are just some of the benefits resulting from developing muscular strength. So, throw out the excuses of not enough time to exercise, job demands, too tired or whatever lame excuse you might have. It’s time to exercise, to take care of your body and live long and thrive. After all, it’s the only body you have! I’ll wager that when you’re leaving this world, you won’t be saying, “I wish I had more time left to go to the office”. Or, “I wish I had more time to watch the ‘Voice’!” No, you will want more time with the people you love. So, let’s get moving and take care of ourselves by building muscular strength!

Here are 25 amazing benefits from developing muscular strength. I think you will be surprised at how much you will gain and, hopefully, you will want to get started building your muscles right away!
1) Increased energy30-Reasons-Women-Should-Strength-Train
2) More endurance, power and strength
3) Improved digestion and elimination processes
4) Improved intellectual capacity and productivity
5) Enables a better sleep pattern to develop
6) Weight loss: Muscle burns more calories than
7) Strong bones as imposed loads increased bone mineral density
8) Controls depression
9) Decreased stress
10) Added protection from Cardiovascular Disease
11) Reduce risk of type 2 Diabetes or it can slow the progression and even reverse it
12) Lung function increases and promotes breathing
13) Less likely to develop hypertension
14) Prevents constipation
15) Slows the aging process
16) Prevents the degeneration of aging where ambulatory devices are required
17) Can help prevent cancer
18) Body fat percentage decreases and lean tissue percentage increases
19) Can help prevent hormonal disorders
20) Serum cholesterol decreases
21) Range of motion and flexibility increases
22) Increases in tendon and ligament strength
23) Cardiovascular circulation capacity increases
24) Less likely to develop hyperlipidemia; elevated levels of lipids
25) Increased self-confidence, self-image, self-perception, and outward self-projection

4878f71d3194f8f137e6efdaf53c8c0bResearch indicates that unless we strength train regularly; we lose about one-half pound of muscle every year of our lives after age 30. Unless we implement a safe and effective weight lifting program, our muscles gradually decrease in size and strength in the process called “atrophy.” Without a regular muscle strengthening program, we lose the benefits above. And the physiological processes below will inevitably result:

1) Body fat percentage increases
2) Lean Tissue Percentage decreases
3) Blood Pressure readings increases
4) Heart Rate increases
5) Serum cholesterol increases
6) Range of motion and flexibility decreases
7) Strength decreases
8) Lung function decreases
9) Bone mineral density decreases
10) Cardiovascular circulation capacity decreases

John-Glen-FINAL-NEW-BACKGROUND-CROP-FINALThe physiological processes above remind me of so many of our aged. But it doesn’t have to be. John Glenn, the Astronaut and US Senator, is a splendid example of someone who has slowed the aging process. He is vital, strong, moves with grace, and exudes health and vibrancy at age 93. Senator Glenn recently said, “The aging process is normal, but getting weak and feeble is not. From my experience and available research, we know a long life of being strong, healthy, and never feeling that you’re a day over forty is in the cards.”

Age is a ConceptThe short and sweet of it is that strength building will, along with the other “6 Pillars of the Traditional Okinawan Way”, prepare you to live long and thrive into your 90’s and even past 100 years of age. There is absolutely no reason why all of us can’t be physically, mentally, socially, and sexually active, living a healthy vibrant life until our last day on Earth! Next time we will discuss suggestions on strengthening our muscles.

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